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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Travel Agent in Manhattan Beach gives Honeymoon Tips

Hello Brides, Grooms, Moms and Friends,

If you have been in to A Legendary Affair lately, you have most likely met Jeri Deardon, Travel Consultant with Nonstop Travel.  With a huge smile and lots of enthusiasm, she works out of our boutique to help with honeymoons, destination wedding travel and room blocks at hotels for wedding guests.  Of course, she is also "at the ready" to help with travel for the rest of us who are excited to explore the world.  She recently helped my friend Karen and I plan a fabulous trip to New Zealand and Australia.  It was a trip of a lifetime! Some of the MANY highlights included...hanging with the "roos", cruising through the magnificent Sounds in the South Island of New Zealand, and climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge --- 1500 stairs to a spectacular view of the city!

Ahhhh  --- OK, back to reality!!  Jeri would like to share some of her helpful tips to consider when planning your romantic trip. Take it away, Jeri...

As you know, your honeymoon is not just an ordinary vacation. No matter how exotic or simple you choose to go, it is the first trip that you will take as a married couple and you will remember it for a lifetime. Careful planning will make all of the difference. The internet makes every destination, resort and cruise line look fabulous. How do you decide what to do and where do you begin? Here is a quick list of helpful hints::
  1. Whether you have definite ideas or are just starting to dream, consider having a consultation with a carefully selected travel agent who is known to have extensive travel experience and key travel industry contacts. This skilled professional can help uncover your overall expectations, discuss the best honeymoon travel destinations, and take care of all technical details so that you can relax and enjoy this part of your wedding planning journey!
  2. Start planning as early as possible. Ideally, you should start at least 6-8 months before your wedding so that you can take advantage of the best values and have the best chance of booking exactly what you want for all aspects of your honeymoon. You may also need time to renew passports, get visas, schedule vaccinations, etc.
  3. Determine your travel budget. Find out if any of your relatives will be contributing towards this special trip. Consider setting up a honeymoon registry, a very helpful service that is offered through select travel agents.
  4. Decide who will be making the travel decisions. Sometimes the groom plans a surprise. Sometimes you plan together. Either way, communication is key.
  5. Discuss your travel interests. Find out what what kind of experience each of you are anticipating...
  6. * Sun and Fun?
    * Historical Sightseeing?
    * Exotic and Adventurous?
    * Trip of a Lifetime?
    * Simple and Relaxing?
    * All Inclusive, Active and Easy?
Your honeymoon is such an exciting part of your overall wedding experience. Have fun and please call (310) 513-3375 for a complimentary consultation and more personalized assistance with Jeri.

Cheers and Happy Planning!!

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