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Friday, October 18, 2013

Your Wedding Budget

Greetings Brides and Grooms!

Placing a lucky sixpence in your shoe on your wedding day originated as a Scottish tradition to guarantee financial security for the future.  But, what about before the wedding?  Instead of luck, you will need...

A Wedding Budget! Yikes!!

My good friend and former Wedding Planner, April Whitney, refers to this subject as "The B Word"! During the many workshops she has taught at A Legendary Affair, April makes everyone laugh when she says that couples are more comfortable talking to their parents and in-laws about their sex life than about their wedding budget! She emphasizes the need to closely communicate with those who are contributing right from the start in order to get a clear idea of where you stand before making your first move....which is usually the most expensive one.

This fabulous Wedding Budget Worksheet download, courtesy of RealSimple Magazine, is a great tool to print and share with those involved to start the conversation.  Hope this helps!

RealSimple Budget Worksheet


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