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A Legendary Affair
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Budget Saving Tips - Katie Tiffany's Wedding Myth Busters #1

Hello Legendary Brides, Grooms, Moms & Friends,

I am excited to share the first of our series of Video Presentations! This is an opportunity for you to sit back, relax and meet our "Legendary" Event Professionals as you learn valuable tips & information about their area of expertise.

Katie Tiffany of Tiffany-Weddings.com presents...

Being flexible with the month, day and time of your wedding will help you SAVE MONEY.

Truth or Myth?

Wedding Myth Busters #1:

More about Katie Tiffany and what she does to help brides & grooms...

Katie Tiffany thrives on bringing couples PEACE and enJOYment during their Engagement and, most importantly, their Wedding Day. Planning a wedding can prove overwhelming with so many decisions to be made, so many cost factors involved, and even complicated family dynamics. As your Wedding Planner, Katie will guide you through this process with poise; in an organized, timely and cost-effective way. Katie offers 10 years of experience and a passion for personalizing Weddings... to reflect the Bride & Groom's style and story. As a Day-of Coordinator, Katie will ensure all the finishing details are wrapped up and all plans professionally executed. From Southern Californian At-Home Weddings to Destination Weddings across the World, she has done it all. However you utilize her services, Katie's expertise will save you time, money and stress! Katie is often recognized for her calm and collected presence, her work ethic and a smile on her face. Call her today at 310.613.6564 for a complimentary consultation.

Stay tuned for more to come!


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