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A Legendary Affair
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Host Your Own Royal Party!

Celebrate In Style with Wine

What? You aren’t on the guest list for the Royal Wedding? Maybe your invitation just got lost in the mail. Host your own Royal Wedding Festivities and join in the celebration with your family and friends. Here's some tips on Hosting Your Own Royal Wedding & Wine Party:

Royal Party Style:
First, decide on a party style that suits your own sense of style and fun. You can opt for classic elegance and posh (serve sparkling) or go Royal Red (as in red, red wine). You can host your Royal Wedding & Wine Party at a time that is good for you. Simply record the Royal festivities for later viewing. Do you want a “costume element” for your event? You can encourage your guests to dress formally (hats and gloves required, of course!)...You might want to consider Hosting a Wine Tasting before or after the Royal Event. Because you have recorded the Royal Wedding you can, of course, host your Royal event at the time of your choosing – bridal season lasts all Spring and Summer long.

Create a Fun Invitation:
Whether you create an online invitation or a print version, use your imagination and invite your guests to join you for a Royal Wedding and Wine Party. Or, purchase a case or two (or three or four) to toast the Royal couple in style.

Party Favors:
A quick trip to the party supply store should yield some inexpensive treasures. Go for small paper British flags or Royal bling wedding rings! Golden paper crowns would make everyone look fit for a Queen or King. Wedding paper plates and napkins can help set the mood and make clean up a British breeze.

The Wedding Toast:
Have plenty of sparkling wine on hand for the Royal Toast! WineShop At Home’s Petit Cadeau Semi Seco Sparkler is a treat that will go down royally. It pairs beautifully with sushi, fruit-based desserts, spicy Chinese food or light cheeses such as fresh mozzarella. Or, enjoy it all by itself!

Every Wedding is a Royal Wedding:
At your event, make sure that you make a toast to all couples in attendance and even to those partners who may not be at the event. Every wedding is a royal wedding.


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