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Friday, November 7, 2014

Wedding Save the Date Cards - FAQ

Hello Brides, Grooms, Moms and Friends,

By this time of year in Southern California, most weddings for the year have taken place.  Brides are sending out thank you notes, getting their dress preserved, completing paperwork for changing their name, and selecting wedding photos to incorporate into their holiday cards.  (Notice that I included some links that will help if you happen to be one of these happy newlyweds!)

Then, there are engaged couples with wedding plans that are in full swing!

Once you have solidified the location and the date, you can start thinking about sending out Save-the-Date cards.  When I first opened my business in 1996, only a few people did this.  Now, nearly everyone sends out some form of notice to those on their guest list.  A Wedding Planner suggested that if you want to keep your guest list down, don't do it...as this advance notice is sure to encourage a larger turnout.  It is optional, but serves as a courtesy so that guests can plan ahead.

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Here are the most common questions that I answer when helping brides & grooms with their order:

Q: Why do I send them?
A: So that guests, especially those who will need to make travel arrangements to join you, will know that the date and location of your wedding are solid and that they are definitely on the invitation list.

Q: To whom are they sent?
A: Send them to everyone on your list of definite invitees.  If you send them just to those from out-of-town, then your in-town guests might hear about it and think they will may not be invited.

Q: When do I send them? 
A: Anytime from 3 months to a year before your wedding.  Be sure your guest list, date and location are set.
Q: Do they need to match my invitations and wedding "theme"?
A: This is a personal preference.  Some couples are very organized and decisive.  They have their invitations picked out and create a card that perfectly matches.  Others know the colors and style of their wedding and make a selection that coordinates.  Then, there are those who want it to reflect the season or area and have fun with it...without worrying about the formality of the invitation that follows.

Q: Is it a good idea to incorporate an engagement photo into these cards?
A: Once again, it is personal preference.  If guests haven't met either the bride or groom, it is fun for them to see both of you together.  It could be an engagement photo from your photographer, a picture on the day you became engaged, or a fun photo that shows you doing something you enjoy together. 

Q: What information is included?
A: Keep it short and to the point ... Names, Date, City/State, Wedding Website and the phrase, "Invitation to Follow"

Here are samples to show wording and to get your creative juices flowing:

Have fun!  Cheers...

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