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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day - Wedding Photography

Hello Brides, Grooms and Friends,

If your wedding is soon approaching, you will be thinking a lot about how to look your best on your wedding day. So often we think about getting in shape and deciding on the perfect hair style and make-up to create the "look". Equally important, if not more so, is the expertise that is provided by your Wedding Photographer.

Mimi of Mimi Teller Photography has provided this photograph to show an example of two problems solved... Matt is over 6 ft tall and Kimie barely 5 ft. Having them sit in a certain way brings them closer to the same height. Kimie has a very round face. By shooting down on her, it thins out her roundness and elongates her neck.

In addition, she shares her thoughts on...
HOW TO FOOL THE LENS, by Mimi Teller

Ideally you have hired a professional and highly experienced photographer to document your wedding day - you only get one chance to do this right! Yet in this age of DYI, many couples opt to use a family or friend with some photography experience.

If such is your case and your photographer lacks professional portrait and posing training, here are a few tips and tricks to enhance how the camera sees you:

1) Know your "better" side - some people's nose might look crooked at certain angles, or maybe it's just how you part our hair. Spend a few minutes looking through past photos or in the mirror and determine if you like one side better than the other.

2) Is the groom super tall and the bride very short? When taking photos together have the groom stand with his legs far apart, this will shorten his height, or, have him sit down and the bride can hug him from behind. This applies similarly to a tall bride and shorter groom.

3) If the groom is much heavier than the bride, have him stand behind her - this serves to block some of his body and make him look smaller since he his further away from the lens. It's all a matter of perspective!

4) Another trick for heavy-set folks is to have the camera shoot from a higher angle. I always jump on a chair, bench or stairs and shoot down on my larger couples. This slims out their necks, does away with double chins and again, their bodies are further away from the lens and appear smaller.

5) Lastly for the heavier folks, do not stand facing the lens straight on. Always stand with your body at an angle, even better, place your body's weight on your back foot.

6) Flash vs natural light: Amateur flash photography is not flattering on anyone, especially older brides. If you are an older bride, you want to make sure you are using as much natural (preferably reflective) light. This will soften any signs of time (not erase them but soften them). As for erasing, that happens in Photoshop!

This might all sound overwhelming to remember, but that's the beauty of hiring a professional. They naturally move you through these motions without you even knowing. If you're left to your own devices however, at least you have a leg up, or rather, a chin up!!


Thank you, Mimi, for such great advise! For more information on Mimi Teller Photography, please visit: www.mimiphoto.com or call her at (310) 372-6464.


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