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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Photography: Formal Portraits Before or After?

In the days of arranged marriages, it made sense to hide the bride from the groom and his family in the event no one approved of her! Back then, the bride wore a veil which covered her face up until the vows were made and rings exchanged. It wasn't until "you may kiss the bride" that the veil came up and the truth revealed!

Nowadays, most grooms are well aware of who they are marrying, eliminating the need to keep the bride under wraps. There are no religious or biblical reasons to hide the bride - as a matter of fact, in Jewish weddings the groom must see the bride beforehand, remember what happened to Jacob in the Old Testament?

Taking your formal photographs before the ceremony relieves much stress, allows the couple to join all their friends and family during the cocktail hour and guarantees the use of natural light. Many ceremonies end as the sun sets, which is not the best lighting for portraits. You can more easily schedule leisure time before the ceremony than immediately following. A creative photographer will orchestrate a special "first" meeting for the couple, in private (with the photographer 100 feet away with a long lens). It's possibly the only time a couple will be alone together before 2:00 AM in the honeymoon suite.

Talk about your photographic schedule with your photographer and follow their recommendations. Sticking to old traditions can leave you in the dark!

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