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A Legendary Affair
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Photography - Name Your Price Offer!

Michael Adams of Adams Studio is one of the very talented photographers on display at A Legendary Affair. He is very creative in his work and in the opportunities he offers to potential clients. I just now opened my mail and received his latest offer. It is so unique and such a GREAT VALUE, I am excited to get the word out to everyone who may be interested. Here's the scoop...

Dear Bride,

If you're looking for a photographer, you're in luck. Also if you're looking for a videographer, you're in luck.

Let me explain.

I just bought a state of the art camera that does both High Def HD video and HD photography - at the same time. This camera changes everything!

My purchase is your luck.

I need some weddings to show off our new work. I need some brides that want something different and don't want to pay our normal price of about $9000 for both photography and videography. Is that you?

Here is the deal.

You get to name your price. Make me an offer. You heard me right. Make me an offer to create both your videography and photography in HD

Now, you may be thinking: what is the catch? Here they are:

1. I don't have to accept your offer. I probably will. Just consider that I have created wedding memories for twenty years. Honestly, anything reasonable will be considered.

2. I may already be booked for your day.

3. I get to use your wedding as a sample.

4. I can afford to create 7 name your price weddings.

So, what is the downside? You make me an offer and either I'm booked or I say no. Either way, it's no big deal. We both move on. However...

What's the upside? You make me an offer and I say yes. you get incredible memories, my twenty years of experience and you save thousands on your photography and videography.
What Should You Do Now?

If all this makes sense, then go to www.michaleadams.net, click on wedding models, and fill out our on line form. Sorry - for this special wedding model search, we only take applications through our online form. Phone and email are not accepted.

Remember, I can only afford to create 7 name your price weddings.
Please fill out our form today at www.michaeladams.net


Michael Adams
Adams Studio
444 Zacahary #116 - Moorpark, CA 93021

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